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10 forbidden to eat watermelon

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1 10 forbidden to eat watermelon on Sun May 13, 2012 3:43 pm


Those who like to eat watermelon in addition to enjoying delicious drinks and cooling help but note the taboos can not be ignored.

A. Do not eat too much

Watermelon is good for health but it is actually welding qualities, so do not eat too much. If not it will cause diarrhea, abdominal distension, anorexia ... 94% meat watermelon is water, with such a large amount of water it will dilute the gastric juice, causing indigestion and affect gastrointestinal function.

Two. Easily converted into fat

Although watermelon is a fruit good for the skin, but due to very high sugar content, easy to convert into fat with the girls are looking to lose weight should consider when choosing this fruit.

3. Do not eat watermelon when the body is cold

When the body is infected with cold, cold or even no matter what the cause should not eat watermelon. If not soldered food will aggravate the symptoms of a cold. When cold will cause the body to increase high fever, thirst, sore throat, dark urine ... In the opinion of health professionals, regardless of the cold winter or hot summer, the first phase of feeling influenza are expressed stage should not exceed the level of serious disease, it could use to prompt treatment right from emerging diseases. Because if not treated early, patients will be more serious and difficult to treat even radical left negative sequelae.

4. Watermelon should not have spent too long

The summer high temperature, suitable for bacterial growth. If the watermelon has spent too long in room temperature will be invading bacteria pollution, leading to gastrointestinal disease.

10 forbidden to eat watermelon
Do not get too long watermelon were added.

Five. These people should not eat kidney

Primarily reduced renal excretory function as well as "purification" of substances harmful to the body, so it usually occurs in line vacuum phenomena. If you eat too much watermelon will increase the amount of water in the body, and they can not promptly excreted from the body of water to water in the body of excess water storage capacity of the body, blood volume increases up, so not only due to increasingly severe swelling but also lead to fatigue, exhaustion. So dear ones recommended or kidney disease should not eat less or eat watermelon to ensure health.

6. Do not eat during inflammation, mouth ulcers

The concept of Oriental medicine, causes of mouth ulcers due to negative internal heat failure, fire adrenal failure. Watermelon has a diuretic, if these people with eating too much watermelon would make the water in the body is excreted rapidly and cause water shortages in the oral cavity as dry mouth, causing negative reflection, hot, prolonged disease process difficult to radical treatment.

7. Diabetic patients to eat watermelon

Watermelon contains more than 5% of line types, mainly glucose, sucrose, fructose and sugar so that when eating watermelon finished high blood sugar. Normal human body releases insulin to help maintain stable blood sugar levels in urine. People with diabetes completely opposite, when eating watermelon in a short time not only for high blood sugar, but also disrupt metabolic processes in the body (especially the people with severe diabetes) cause poisoning and even dangerous to life.

People with diabetes require daily diet must be reasonable, strict control of carbohydrate into the body. Thus, in one day if they need to eat more watermelon reducing foods rich in carbohydrates such as rice, noodles ... the equivalent to avoid worsening the disease.

8. Pregnant women

Eating too much watermelon while pregnant will cause blood sugar to rise. During pregnancy, many women are psychologically unstable, there are many physiological changes, insulin secretion is not enough, making the effect of reducing blood sugar, blood sugar levels are pushed up, causing out diabetes. Easy to make food cold watermelon pregnant stomach pain and diarrhea. Therefore, pregnant women should not eat too much watermelon, watermelon as not to eat chilled, even on a sultry summer anywhere.

10 forbidden to eat watermelon
Pregnant women should not eat too much watermelon, watermelon should not eat more chilled, either on a sultry summer anywhere.

9. Do not eat watermelon before and after meals

Watermelon is the fruit contains more water, if consumed immediately before and after meals, the ingredients in most water in watermelon will dilute the digestive juices in the stomach, affecting the digestion and absorption food of the body. Together with a large water body will account for most cylinders causing the stomach feel full, reduce food triggers, which affects health (especially children's health, women). Therefore, those who want to lose weight can eat a moderate amount of watermelon right before meals to reduce food intake into the body.

10. Do not eat cold watermelon

In weather hot summer day, eating cold watermelon is always the first choice in the beverage needs, fend off the heat. But it enormous influence to your stomach, so make sure to keep the temperature of fresh watermelons are the best, without too cold. The simplest and most effective would be to, whole watermelon on the final stop of the refrigerator, kept at a temperature between 8-10 degrees C. At this temperature ensuring fresh melon just retain the flavor of melon. Each time the food should not exceed 500 grams, eat slowly is best.

Also for those with cavities, whose digestive system not working very well need special attention, not to eat cold watermelon is the best, by a sudden chill when met, will be extremely tooth aches, digestive of ineffective activities affecting health.

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