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Shampooing too much

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1 Shampooing too much on Sun May 13, 2012 3:49 pm


Everyone thought every day helps wash the scalp, hair is clean and airy. But the foaming shampoo, hair slick with aromatic balmy smell always contain substances harmful to the skin if used too much.

More and more dandruff shampoo

"It comes from people" if watered too much logging. Photo: Tri Dung

Dr. Nguyen Minh Quang, deputy director of Hanoi Hospital of Dermatology, said there have been cases must be treated as a shampoo as patient Hang, 27, was hospitalized in a state medical hair loss, scalp itching, rash red signs of inflammation of the hair. This patient said too much oil by the scalp, after a day working on the sweat, dust sealed the helmet hair that she often flat again, irritating. At first, the way you wash your hair once a day, but the situation does not improve, gradually shampoo daily habit formation, either summer or winter. Hang also constantly changing the shampoo, the shampoo at the local, sometimes buying laptops. Which is also aromatic and very pleasant smooth hair. But recently she felt more hair loss, scalp dandruff, special notes redness, itching.

Doctors after physical examination was concluded Hang up down but unexplained. After learning her shampoo regularly with many different oils, the doctor leaning causes inflammation of the hair by using too much shampoo. When you sweat a lot, accumulation and excretion of shampoo they use a lot of horns on the top layer of cells will be damaged and fall off to create favorable conditions for fungal pathogens invade. Many people with this disease, but in mild form, only when the itching, hair loss subject to many new doctor.

Shampoo bottle chemical is pot

According to Dr. Tran Hong Con, Faculty of Natural Sciences University, Hanoi National University, shampoo typically includes components such as surface-active substances (known as foaming agents, detergents , substance suspension ...), salt, ammonium chloride salt, colorings, flavor additives and moisturizing, silky hair. All the ingredients in shampoo "genuine" are allowed to use substances, little or no toxic to humans. However, in cases where the product is not in accordance with national and international, do not know what will happen to consumers.

Ingredients listed on the packaging of shampoo products are now commonly chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betane, Methylparaben, propylparaben, lauramide DEA, collagen ... He said, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates are substances have been for use in cosmetics, toiletries and detergents, do not cause cancer and is made from coconut oil, palm oil ... and synthetic. However, if the user is exposed long time, too much can cause itchy spots, sore lips, mouth. Methylparaben and propylparaben as well as surface-active substances has been the agency Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in food additives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics ... and virtually non-toxic. Symbols of the EU is allowed to E216 and E217 is its sodium salt are virtually non-toxic substances. Lauramide DEA (lauric dietanolamit) is a permitted use in cosmetics and virtually non-toxic, but potentially could be related to cancer and other diseases for the overdose.

"Currently, the company shampoos are advertised as hair smooth and anti-hair loss. However, the nature of hair are horns of protein, keratin, dead can not absorb anything. The silky hair, beautiful, highly dependent on diet. The only use shampoo to clean the hair and scalp. Do not wash too many times in a week, because on the surface of the skin of the body in general and in particular scalp is always oily layer (fat + protein + water) released to moisturize and protect skin. If you wash your hair several times, this oil layer, the skin loses the vulnerable. Consumers should choose a standard product (origin, specific labels ...), do not use floating row "- he also recommended.

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