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'Golden rule' baby care

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1 'Golden rule' baby care on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:56 pm


Tips on child nutrition in the first 2 years of life.

'Golden rule' when breastfeeding mothers
Breastfeeding your baby's needs: Forget about the clock breastfeeding should not go and lactating mothers liking. Feeding should be in accordance with the needs of the child, because if they are fed on demand, baby should gain a natural way at the same time, reduce stress for mothers breastfeeding period.

Breastfeed effectively if you hear your baby swallowing: After day 3 or 4, you see her urination and bowel movements more often then shows that good breastfeeding.

2 months, often poorly fed baby: If she does not have any unusual manifestation of health, you just need to breathe deeply, relax and beyond the baby stage.

'Golden rule' for baby feeding
Baby feeding set with small amounts of suitable age in months: Begin feeding your baby at 6 months of age, not earlier will help reduce the risk of food allergies for your baby.

Unless your child is constipated, otherwise, fruit juices is not necessary: ​​The juice is often more calories, more sugar. The new phase feeding is breast milk, milk powder and water is all liquid resources he needs.

Foods to avoid until your baby is 1 year old: Honey (risk of infection), citrus fruits, strawberries, eggs, peanut butter, be it fish, shrimp, crabs, oysters, mussels (avoid the risk of allergy) low-fat milk (not fat enough for your baby's nutrition at this stage, even up to 2 years).

Classrooms choking when eating: Do not feed your baby sausage, raisins, peanuts, other nuts, peanut butter, tomatoes, roasted corn, chewing gum, pieces of meat to, hard vegetable pieces for up to 4 years old.

Almost every Toddlers are lazy eating period: So, parents need not worry if your baby suddenly eat a couple lazy days.
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